EN1NovatorMahlonLoomis   -   op. Vasyl M. Danysh, UT0NN

EN2NovatorMahlonLoomis   -   op. Victor V. Farysey, UT8NQ

EN3NovatorMahlonLoomis   -   op. Dmytro M. Starynets, UT3NK

EN4NovatorMahlonLoomis   -   op. Lev S. Litvak, UT4NY

EN5NovatorMahlonLoomis   -   op. Igor V. Ponomarev, UR5NP

EN6NovatorMahlonLoomis   -   op. Volodymyr M. Yanchuk, UT7NI

EN7NovatorMahlonLoomis   -   op. Valentyn V. Prashchuk, UT7NY

EN8NovatorMahlonLoomis   -  op. Vyacheslav G. Martsenyuk, UT8NT

EN9NovatorMahlonLoomis   -   op. Petro I. Bunych, UT0NB

The inventor of radio - 190 years
Stations & operators
The portrait of Mahlon Loomis was made approximately in 1865

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